a) Install CentOS Base from CD to the Server

b) After Reboot maybe no network-connection. Either start manually or via 


c) {Optional} Install preferred editor

yum install vim

d) Install needed tools:

yum install dhcpd tftp-server bind syslinux net-tools rsync

e) Install Server for Config (here: Webserver, possible also NFS, FTP,...)

yum install httpd

f) Copy the Repos from a public webserver

/bin/rsync  -aSHP --delete rsync://ftp.hosteurope.de/centos/ /var/www/html/CentOS


/bin/rsync  -aSHP --delete rsync://ftp.hosteurope.de/centos/7/ /var/www/html/CentOS 

if you want a specific Version (careful, only major version updates would be taken)


Depending on internet-line now it is time for some coffee...